A half hour of free music recorded in one weekend.

About Pizza Party

After working for the last 3 years on a forthcoming, massive, LP, Verbatim wanted to release music more directly. Pizza Party was borne out of that need. The band locked itself in a basement studio for one weekend under the condition that come Monday morning, they must release whatever they’ve done.

This record is FREE. Please share it with your friends, remix it, and copy it.

The Music

Download the whole EP: Pizza Party (43.6Mb, ZIP)

  1. Without You (6.7Mb, MP3)
  2. Night Turns to Day (6.5Mb, MP3)
  3. Uptight (7.4Mb, MP3)
  4. Weak (6.8Mb, MP3)
  5. Party Interlude (2.6Mb, MP3)
  6. Irrational Exuberance (8.6Mb, MP3)
  7. Saw You at the Party (9.6Mb, MP3)

This record is free to share under a Creative Commons Music Sharing License. You may remix, copy, or distribute this record as long as you attribute Verbatim. Please link to this page when sharing.

Liner Notes

Verbatim is:
CH: drums, guitars, bass, keyboards, cello, harmony
Peter Hassett: guitars, bass, keyboards, singing

Also featuring: Erin Surrock, Steven Kern, Nick Frye, Kenny Shelhorse, Jacob Kahan, Garrett Connors

Tracked by Erin Surrock and Peter Hassett
Engineered by Peter Hassett
Decidedly unmastered by no one

All songs by Peter Hassett, except “Weak” by CH and Peter Hassett

This album was recorded at Blue Noise Studio in Frederick, Maryland. Most songs are first takes. There were few overdubs and only nominal mixing.

About Verbatim

Verbatim is a rock band from Frederick, MD. CH and Peter Hassett are the two permanent members. Verbatim was formed in 1996, some time before the members of the band could actually play instruments. Verbatim will release its first full-length album in 2008.

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