Single Point of Failure

A free album of original music by Peter Hassett, released on his 30th birthday.

  1. Single Point of Failure
  2. Simpatico
  3. Vinegar Wine
  4. Nearness of You
  5. Transient Middle Class
  6. Last Day of School
  7. Mexicoke
  8. Senex
  9. Keeping Busy
  10. Internet Official
  11. Typos &
  12. This Town is Killing Me

All songs by Peter Hassett
All performances by Peter Hassett
(Except snoring by Georgia the Bulldog)
Tracked, mixed, and mastered by Peter Hassett
Recorded August and September 2013 at home in Frederick, Maryland
Special thanks to Simon Petrikov and Stanislav Petrov

This album is free. Donations are appreciated.


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